The Last Straw.


As much as I really wanted to write my heart out during this semester break, the truth is that I have to admit that my writing mojo is not what it used to be like back in the days when I was still a Diploma student in UiTM Negeri Sembilan.

Not wanting to blame my lack of updates on the scarcity of idea available in my think tank alone, I’ve also found out that I’m much more critical than I used to be when it comes to deciding on the contents that I would want to be made available on my blog.

Anyhow, I’ve been doing some spring cleaning cleaning around my blog when I discovered that I still owe you guys some unpublished Microbiology-related notes in the Media section, eager to be shared with you guys out there.

So, here’s to the last few notes that I still have left in my keeping, Microbiology-wise!

MIC 342 :

Body Defense System

Foreign Agents, Molecules & Cells

Adaptive Immunity

Immune Response

Normal Flora


Urogenital and Sexual Transmitted Diseases

Cardiovascular, Lymphatic and Systematic Diseases

Central Nervous System

Respiratory Infections

MIC 319 :

Chapter 1


Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Bonus Chapter

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

MIC 304 :

Introduction on Industrial Microbiology

Fermentation Technology

Microbial Growth Kinetics

Culture Maintenance

Industrial Products From Microbial Processes (I)

Industrial Product From Microbial Process (II)

Industrial Product From Microbial Process (Wines)

Industrial Enzyme Production

MIC 207 :

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4

Lecture 5

Lecture 6

Lecture 7

Lecture 8

Lecture 9

Lecture 10


Green Technology

Microbiology of Water


Sustainable Development


The Final Countdown.


It has only been three days since the UiTM Final Examination for Pre-Diploma and Diploma kick started last Monday, but I’m already experiencing mental exhaustion from sitting for two subject papers back-to-back for two days straight.

Dr. Nurfathin Farhana, is it possible for you to prescribe me with some headachase?

Because I could really use some right now to break down my headaches and migraines.

CHM 213 :


Chemical Equilibrium

Ionic Equilibrium

Liquid-Liquid System

Phase Equilibrium

Chemical Kinetics

Phase Equilibrium Diagrams

MIC 159 :

Microbial Nutrition & Culture (III)

Morphology & Cell Biology of Bacteria (II)

Morphology & Cell Biology of Bacteria

Microbial Nutrition & Culture

Introduction to MIC 159

Control of Microbial Growth

Microbial Nutrition & Culture (II)

History of Microbiology

Classification of Microorganisms

MIC 206 :

Fungi and other Organism (Mutualism)

Fungi and Other Organism (Human)

Fungi and Other Organism (Plant)

Industrial Mycology


Sporulation and Budding

Vegetative Growth


Fungal Cell

Classification of Fungi

Classification of Fungi (II)

ETR 300 :

Entrepreneurial Motivation & Competencies.

Creativity & Innovation.

Business Oppurtunities.

Business Entities & Formations.

Organizational Plan

Financial Plan.

Operation Plan

Marketing Plan

Business Plan.

Business Regulations and Support Systems.

Oh, one more thing : we seniors are not allowed to share our test papers with you juniors anymore.

But, judging by the position where we are at in terms of academic performance rank, I guess that you will be absolutely fine without them.

Coming Soon.


Dalam masa dua minggu lagi, aku bakal menempuhi semester baru. Semester Empat.

Semester Empat yang bakal mendatang membawa tiga makna penting dalam diri setiap pelajar Semester Tiga yang lepas.

  • No more learning CTU subjects.
  • No more attending HBU classes.
  • No more BEL classes slotted in the time table.

Itu pun kalau kau lulus ketiga-tiga subjek la, kan?

Syukur aku panjatkan ke hadrat Ilahi kerana aku masih lagi diberi kemudahan kediaman kolej pada semester yang akan mendatang.

Terima kasih, Unit Pengurusan Kolej UiTM Negeri Sembilan. Kalau tak, mana aku nak kaut duit untuk bayar rumah sewa tiap-tiap bulan? Aku harap aku masih diberi kemudahan kediaman kolej pada semester akhir aku disana, iaitu Semester Lima.

Untuk pengetahuan semua, kadar sewa rumah di sekitar kawasan Kuala Pilah adalah kira-kira RM100-RM300 sebulan untuk seorang. Memang anak orang kaya je la yang mampu nak menyewa, kan?

Oh ya, aku ada selitkan baki nota-nota yang aku tak sengaja tinggalkan dalam post yang lepas.

BCM 311:

Introduction to Biochemistry

Metabolism of Lipid

Metabolic Interrelationship

Lipid Metabolism

Importance of Energy Change, Electron Transfer in Metabolism

Amino Acid Catabolism


Carbohydrate Metabolism

Carbohydrate Metabolism (II)



CTU 211:

Wahyu dan Sains

Syariah dan Kepentingannya dalam Sains dan Teknologi (II)

Syariah dan Kepentingan Dalam Sains dan Teknologi

Sains dan Teknologi dalam Islam

Perkembangan Sains dan Teknologi dalam Islam

Etika Islam Dalam Sains Teknlogi

Etika dalam Sains dan Teknologi Islam (II)



Kerja Kursus HPD 232:

Kemelut Sosial Masa Kini

Maaf ya?




Sorry for not posting anything up for quite a long time. I’ve been busy uploading the pictures that you just reviewed on the previous post (Take Off) for the past several days.

It took me nearly nine hours to upload all of them..

Knowing my readers.. they would’ve probably preferred collaged pictures instead of a million stacks of photos shoved up in their faces in my posts as the former one delivers more punch and emotions instead of the latter.

But little do they know that collaged pictures requires a whole lot more of work compared to single standing pictures. When doing collages, you have to take the important aspects of every single detail into consideration.

There comes the editing process which includes adjusting brightness, colour saturation, sharpness, contrasting and last but not least, the special effects.

Collaging itself is a problem when it finally comes to putting the pictures together. Collaging is a method of putting important details in a limited space which is meant to convey the important message of the whole storyline.

And having a nucleus family like mine doesn’t help either as everyone is interested and would want to see every single pictures that I have taken during the course of event.

By uploading the whole stacks of single standing photos into the blog, the members of my nucleus family is now able to view the picture collections easily online.

Unlike most writers, I usually didn’t put watermarks on my pictures as it would be such an ugly thing to be seen when the photos are printed on paper.

It kinda ruins the atmosphere when you suddenly spotted a watermark somewhere in your favourite picture, no?

Uploading a large sum of single standing pictures into the blog also enables me to clear off the space in my laptop.

Call me lazy, uninspired or anything else that you would have wanted. I couldn’t care less..

I just don’t fancy the idea of having so many wonderful memories stored in my laptop being wiped out when my laptop suddenly decides to crash on itself.

That would be a total misery, no?




Determined to clear off the spaces in my laptop, I’ve decided to upload the lecture notes that I’ve from my previous Semester Three here.

CHM 256 : Basic Analytical Chemistry

Acid-Base Titration

Back Titration

Basic Requirement for Analysis

Errors & Statistical Analysis

Errors & Statistics

Experimental Errors & Statistics

Introduction to Analytical Chemistry

Introduction to Chemical Analysis

Paper Chromatography

Principle of Gravimetric Analysis

Quest 2 (2008) & Quest 3 (2009)


Volumetric Analysis

Volumetric Analysis (I)

MIC 250 : Systematic Bacteriology

Introduction to Systematic Bacteriology

Modern System of Bacterial Taxonomy

Bacterial Classification Schemes


Bacterial Identification Method

Media Biochemical Tests

Key to All Laboratory Organisms



Streptococcus, Neisseria, Lactobacillus

Corynebacterium, Clostridium, Bacillus

Brucella, Haemophilus, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus

Azobacter, Rhizobium, Enterobacteriaceae

MIC 150 : Genetics

Genetic Mutations

Genetic Mutation (II)

Genetic Mutation (I)

Gene Regulation (I)

Gene Regulation

Gene Linkage, Genetic Mapping

Gene Interactions

Extension of Mendelian Genetics

Exam 2 tutorial

Exam 1 Review

DNA Replication

DNA Repair

Codominance, Incomplete Dominance and Multiple Alleles

X-Linked Genes, Sex Influenced, Inheritance

Microbial Genetics (II)

Microbial Genetics

Mendelian Genetics

Lethal Alleles

Genetics Practice Problems


Genetic Transfer (2)

Genetic Transfer (1)

Genetic Transfer

So, there you have it.

I hope this lecture notes are helpful in guiding you throughout your studies in the respective subjects. Please bear in mind though that you should not make the lecture notes as your primary sources of study as they may have been subjected to changes and errors from time to time.

A good student will always have numerous sources to study from and not just holding on to a particular material.

People always asked me for advise on how to be a good student with best results. Believe me, I’m not in any way entitled or may be qualified to give any of you some advise, but here’s one.

A good student will always learn by the heart, not by the texts.

In other words, a good student puts his whole damn heart into learning something and not by plainly reading books without enthusiasm .