The Last Straw.


As much as I really wanted to write my heart out during this semester break, the truth is that I have to admit that my writing mojo is not what it used to be like back in the days when I was still a Diploma student in UiTM Negeri Sembilan.

Not wanting to blame my lack of updates on the scarcity of idea available in my think tank alone, I’ve also found out that I’m much more critical than I used to be when it comes to deciding on the contents that I would want to be made available on my blog.

Anyhow, I’ve been doing some spring cleaning cleaning around my blog when I discovered that I still owe you guys some unpublished Microbiology-related notes in the Media section, eager to be shared with you guys out there.

So, here’s to the last few notes that I still have left in my keeping, Microbiology-wise!

MIC 342 :

Body Defense System

Foreign Agents, Molecules & Cells

Adaptive Immunity

Immune Response

Normal Flora


Urogenital and Sexual Transmitted Diseases

Cardiovascular, Lymphatic and Systematic Diseases

Central Nervous System

Respiratory Infections

MIC 319 :

Chapter 1


Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Bonus Chapter

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

MIC 304 :

Introduction on Industrial Microbiology

Fermentation Technology

Microbial Growth Kinetics

Culture Maintenance

Industrial Products From Microbial Processes (I)

Industrial Product From Microbial Process (II)

Industrial Product From Microbial Process (Wines)

Industrial Enzyme Production

MIC 207 :

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4

Lecture 5

Lecture 6

Lecture 7

Lecture 8

Lecture 9

Lecture 10


Green Technology

Microbiology of Water


Sustainable Development


The Final Countdown.


It has only been three days since the UiTM Final Examination for Pre-Diploma and Diploma kick started last Monday, but I’m already experiencing mental exhaustion from sitting for two subject papers back-to-back for two days straight.

Dr. Nurfathin Farhana, is it possible for you to prescribe me with some headachase?

Because I could really use some right now to break down my headaches and migraines.

CHM 213 :


Chemical Equilibrium

Ionic Equilibrium

Liquid-Liquid System

Phase Equilibrium

Chemical Kinetics

Phase Equilibrium Diagrams

MIC 159 :

Microbial Nutrition & Culture (III)

Morphology & Cell Biology of Bacteria (II)

Morphology & Cell Biology of Bacteria

Microbial Nutrition & Culture

Introduction to MIC 159

Control of Microbial Growth

Microbial Nutrition & Culture (II)

History of Microbiology

Classification of Microorganisms

MIC 206 :

Fungi and other Organism (Mutualism)

Fungi and Other Organism (Human)

Fungi and Other Organism (Plant)

Industrial Mycology


Sporulation and Budding

Vegetative Growth


Fungal Cell

Classification of Fungi

Classification of Fungi (II)

ETR 300 :

Entrepreneurial Motivation & Competencies.

Creativity & Innovation.

Business Oppurtunities.

Business Entities & Formations.

Organizational Plan

Financial Plan.

Operation Plan

Marketing Plan

Business Plan.

Business Regulations and Support Systems.

Oh, one more thing : we seniors are not allowed to share our test papers with you juniors anymore.

But, judging by the position where we are at in terms of academic performance rank, I guess that you will be absolutely fine without them.

Fly Time.


Is it just me or time just seemed to fly really fast for final semester students?

Because believe it or not, the final examination is going to be just around the corner and yet there are so many things that have to be done in less than a month’s notice.

My final examination timetable has been uploaded into the UiTM Student Portal system today.

the last.. I hope?

Thank Allah that there are no papers scheduled during my birthday.

For my fellow readers who are going to face the same heat as me starting from 1st till 21st October, I really hope that these notes below can somehow help you in getting prepared for the upcoming final examination.

MIC 208 :


Isolation, Identification and Cultivation


Classification (III)

Other Infectious Agent and Plant Virus

CHM 260 :

Beer’s Lambert

Spectroscopy Methods

Introduction to Chromatographic Separations

Atomic Emission Spectrometry

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

IR Absorption Spectroscopy

UV-Visible Spectroscopy

MIC 120:

Cell Membrane

Cell Movement




Passive transport

Prokaryotic Cell

The Structure within Cytoplasm

Active Transport

Reproduction of Prokaryotic Cell

CSC 134:

Introduction to Computers

Application Software

System Software



Internet & Web


Information System

Computer Security & Safety, Ethics & Privacy

Communication & Network

System Unit

CHM 138:

Elements, Compounds, Chemical Equations & Calculations

Concepts of Acid-Base Neutralization

Units of Measurement

Structure of Atom

Periodic Table

Oxidation and Reduction Reactions

Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Chemical Bonds

So, I just want to wish you guys especially UiTM Negeri Sembilan Diploma in Microbiology the best of luck for this upcoming Final Examination, be well-equipped and remember to fight any battle as if it were your last.

Lots of love,

Your soon-to-be former Exco of Welfare.

Microbiology Association Students.

UiTM Negeri Sembilan.

Former Mr. President.


Being an Exco of Welfare for Microbiology Student Association in UiTM Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan has definitely taught me a lot of things on how to work, persuade, interact and socialize with different types of people from various walks of life.

Hunting down our former first President of the club, Nik Masri has been the top priority in my list since I was first appointed for the position. And as to date, its been approximately almost six months since I started this mission of mine.

And trust me, I’m not hunting him down without any good reason.




Trying to not disappoint the high hopes that Naim, the current President of the club has for me, I texted Nik Masri to follow-up on his current actions regarding our problem today.

And this is pretty much what we talked about.

Me :Assalamualaikum, Encik Nik Masri. Maaf kerana ganggu.. tujuan saya msj awak ni sbb hal bkenaan bju korporat hrtu. Mcm awk ckp dlm msj yg lpas, awk janjikan y gawk akn suruh kwn awk byr ganti rugi pd kami sebelum msuk sem bru. Tp kami msih blum trima apa2 byran lg sehingga skrg..

Kami harap yg masalah ni dpt diselesaikan dgn kadar segera. Lembu dipegang pd talinya, manusia dipegang pd janjinya..

Jika perkara ini berlarutan, kami xkn tragak2 ntk mengambil tindakan undang2 trhadap saudara sekalian.

Harap maklum.

Nik Masri : Tulah kdg2 kefahaman tu jugak pnting jgk kn. Lg2 law stdnt microbe. Sy aritu ade ckp x sy janji. Rasanyer xde. Sy ckp sy akn try sdaye upaye sblum msuk sem. Tul x. the problem is kwn sy praktikal dan dia still xley bg lg duit tu. Dan sy nk dahulukn duit sy dlu pn sy xbyk duit. Awk sume jgn pkir sy ni jnis mkn duit org. sbb kalau sy nk da lame persatuan awk skrg nix de duit sbb dlu sy presiden dan sy berhak. Tp sy amanah. Dan sy nk gtaw awk, amanah tu jnji sy. Dan sy akn byr blik duit tu. Kalau sy ade duit, sy akn dahulukn. Awak jgn risaw.

Me : Dats why..sblum ltak jawatan, sila selesaikan smua kije dgn kadar segera. Kitorg pn bkn xd kije lain na msj awk.. thegeh2 na cri org yg da xd je.. so, awk pn tlgla faham. At least, update la ckit yg korg xle byar lg bulan ni or smetink.. bru la kitorg bule na consider ckit.

Jgn diam je.

Cuba kalau awk byar rm65 ntk smetink y gawk xpnah dpt..pas2 awk yg kna thegeh2 cri org y gawk bli brg tu.. pas2 org tu nak xnak buat xtau je..

 Kalau awk xd sekelumit pun rasa frustrated atau bengang, tahniah la..


Nik Masri : Tula. Sy rse awk pn bru dlm psatuan dan xtawkan. Law la sy still jd preseden mse tu sy da setelkan dlu da masalah ni. Xpela xsalah awk sbb xtaw pape. Dan 1 lg bnde ni berpunca dr sape tah yg kol sy bkali2 ckp nk amik bju tu rumah sewa sy tp xamik2. Mse tu bju still ade lg. tp xpela sy fhm ayt awk nk bg sy bengang. Tp jgn risaw sy xkn rase pape. Hahahaha. Sori la sebab gelak, but dun worry duit sy akn byr.

Me : T_T *krik krik*

This is some of the things that I will definitely remember and laugh at whenever I reminisce the good old times that I had when I served my time as the Exco of Welfare for Microbiology Students Association.

That’s pretty gutsy of you, Nik Masri.

Thanks for giving me something funny to remember you by.