Teenage Dreams.


It was almost 8.30 p.m. on a Friday night when a familiar face along with a strong but familiar, masculine scent exited the lift and gave her an envelope along with a bar of Camior’s extra fine milk chocolate praline before shamelessly entering his class despite being 30 minutes late.

She smelt the envelope to confirm her suspicions and opened the envelope to find a letter.

When her eyes met the first line of the letter, her lips can’t help curling slowly into a smile.

Assalamualaikum 🙂

Dear *insert name here*,

I hope you’re doing fine this past few days. First and foremost, this is the first time I ever write a letter to someone who is dearest to me. Please don’t expect too much about it as my writing skills are only above average. Take your time while reading this. Hope this letter would make your day~

No one in this world knows the feeling that I get when I see you. They have no idea what I feel when I hear your name or your soft voice. Not to mention your smile. That smile of yours are captivating, mesmerizing and breath-taking. Nobody has ever made me feel the way you make me feel, and that is such a crazy feeling. Every time I think about you, it gives me more strength to carry on my life.

Life is so unpredictable. Changes and chances are always coming, big or small. I ask myself, what is really special about you?

It might be all the things I see on the surface, the thing everyone notices and admires about your qualities, talents and so obviously, your wonderful smile. But these are the things that set you apart from everyone else – the way you walk, the way you talk and every action. It gives me joy just to see a smile in your eyes. You are a rare person. I find you really amazing.

You once told me that I was a fool for falling for a girl like you. Well, if you feel that way, I accept it. I may be a fool but the fact remains that I have fallen for you and I can’t change that now. Inside me there is a place where my sweetest dreams reside, where my highest hopes are kept alive, where my deepest feelings are felt, and where my favorite memories are kept safe and warm. I find that you’re on my mind more often than anything else. I want you to know that I would much rather have you in my life and take the chance to ask for your hand than not taking it at all and wondering then.

The months and the days are slipping by and I tell you often enough that I love you, that my life would not be complete without you. I don’t know though if I’ve really told you how loving you has improved the quality of my life in so many ways. It was your faith in me and in my abilities actually gave me a shot in the arm on my education, experience, self-esteem, religious thoughts and activities and being responsible to play the role of a husband. Your husband, Insya-Allah – all thanks to you.

I was sent down to earth on a mission, a mission to find someone that would complete me. I never thought that my task would be fulfilled till the very moment that I met you. That is when I finally found the perfection that I had been seeking all my life. At that very moment, I didn’t believe my eyes as the girl that I had thought only existed in a fairytale was now standing in front of me. Each night, as I stood staring at the outside window, I saw your gentle smile, the smile that gave me strength to make the impossible possible.

My love for you grows each and every day. I am totally addicted to you, and you are the only drug that keeps me functioning now. Yes, it may sound very flirty but mark my words, what I wrote here tells the deepest feeling inside my heart. When I look into your eyes, I see the real me, a person that lives for a goal and a purpose. I pray fervently each and every day that you and I can be married in a married relationship that will grow and blossom till Jannah, InsyaAllah. For now, I’ve written this letter to declare my love for you and to tell you that I am fighting for you now. Sweetheart, you mean the world to me. Allow me to take a glance at you every day before we finally drift apart. Supposing, if this year is the only time frame for me to send you letter, I’ll make use of that time. I hope we will able to see each other again. I want to spend as much time with you as possible. You’re the sinoatrial node to my heart.

Love always,

I supposed that she must have felt that she was the luckiest girl in the world to have him at that moment, no?

made her feel like the only girl in his world :)

made her feel like the only girl in his world 🙂