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Teenage Dreams.


It was almost 8.30 p.m. on a Friday night when a familiar face along with a strong but familiar, masculine scent exited the lift and gave her an envelope along with a bar of Camior’s extra fine milk chocolate praline before shamelessly entering his class despite being 30 minutes late.

She smelt the envelope to confirm her suspicions and opened the envelope to find a letter.

When her eyes met the first line of the letter, her lips can’t help curling slowly into a smile.

Assalamualaikum 🙂

Dear *insert name here*,

I hope you’re doing fine this past few days. First and foremost, this is the first time I ever write a letter to someone who is dearest to me. Please don’t expect too much about it as my writing skills are only above average. Take your time while reading this. Hope this letter would make your day~

No one in this world knows the feeling that I get when I see you. They have no idea what I feel when I hear your name or your soft voice. Not to mention your smile. That smile of yours are captivating, mesmerizing and breath-taking. Nobody has ever made me feel the way you make me feel, and that is such a crazy feeling. Every time I think about you, it gives me more strength to carry on my life.

Life is so unpredictable. Changes and chances are always coming, big or small. I ask myself, what is really special about you?

It might be all the things I see on the surface, the thing everyone notices and admires about your qualities, talents and so obviously, your wonderful smile. But these are the things that set you apart from everyone else – the way you walk, the way you talk and every action. It gives me joy just to see a smile in your eyes. You are a rare person. I find you really amazing.

You once told me that I was a fool for falling for a girl like you. Well, if you feel that way, I accept it. I may be a fool but the fact remains that I have fallen for you and I can’t change that now. Inside me there is a place where my sweetest dreams reside, where my highest hopes are kept alive, where my deepest feelings are felt, and where my favorite memories are kept safe and warm. I find that you’re on my mind more often than anything else. I want you to know that I would much rather have you in my life and take the chance to ask for your hand than not taking it at all and wondering then.

The months and the days are slipping by and I tell you often enough that I love you, that my life would not be complete without you. I don’t know though if I’ve really told you how loving you has improved the quality of my life in so many ways. It was your faith in me and in my abilities actually gave me a shot in the arm on my education, experience, self-esteem, religious thoughts and activities and being responsible to play the role of a husband. Your husband, Insya-Allah – all thanks to you.

I was sent down to earth on a mission, a mission to find someone that would complete me. I never thought that my task would be fulfilled till the very moment that I met you. That is when I finally found the perfection that I had been seeking all my life. At that very moment, I didn’t believe my eyes as the girl that I had thought only existed in a fairytale was now standing in front of me. Each night, as I stood staring at the outside window, I saw your gentle smile, the smile that gave me strength to make the impossible possible.

My love for you grows each and every day. I am totally addicted to you, and you are the only drug that keeps me functioning now. Yes, it may sound very flirty but mark my words, what I wrote here tells the deepest feeling inside my heart. When I look into your eyes, I see the real me, a person that lives for a goal and a purpose. I pray fervently each and every day that you and I can be married in a married relationship that will grow and blossom till Jannah, InsyaAllah. For now, I’ve written this letter to declare my love for you and to tell you that I am fighting for you now. Sweetheart, you mean the world to me. Allow me to take a glance at you every day before we finally drift apart. Supposing, if this year is the only time frame for me to send you letter, I’ll make use of that time. I hope we will able to see each other again. I want to spend as much time with you as possible. You’re the sinoatrial node to my heart.

Love always,

I supposed that she must have felt that she was the luckiest girl in the world to have him at that moment, no?

made her feel like the only girl in his world :)

made her feel like the only girl in his world 🙂




Berikut merupakan ucapan Dr. Yusoff Al-Qaradhawi dalam temubual dengan Al-Jazeera News Network pada 8 Oktober 2001 mengenai kepentingan boikot dan kewajipan umat Islam dalam melaksanakannya.


“Wahai kaum Muslimin dan Muslimat di seluruh dunia, memboikot produk-produk buatan Israel dan Amerika adalah kewajipan bagi seluruh umat Islam di seluruh dunia. Setiap ringgit yang kita bayarkan untuk sebotol Coca Cola misalnya, akan menjadi sebutir peluru di dalam senjata orang-orang Amerika atau Israel yang akan diacu ke arah kita. Kita telah menyumbangkan wang kita setiap hari kepada McDonalds, KFC, Burger King dan sebagainya, tanpa memikirkan ke mana wang itu akan dibelanjakan.

Menurut pendapat saya, setiap Muslim harus bertanggungjawab dalam hal yang mempengaruhi keluarga dan gaya hidup mereka. Lihatlah kepada orang-orang Amerika yang telah membatalkan resolusi PBB untuk mengutuk aksi tentera Israel di Palestin. Jika mereka itu adalah pemelihara perdamaian seperti yang mereka dakwa, apakah mungkin mereka melakukannya (membatalkan resolusi PBB)?

Wahai manusia, tidakkah anda berfikir? Tidakkah anda memiliki perasaan lagi? Tidakkah anda merasakan kepahitan negara-negara Arab dan Islam dalam hal ini? Darah yang paling murah adalah darah kita! Kita telah menjadi bahan percubaan bagi senjata-senjata dan peluru-peluru serta teknologi mereka. Persenjataan perang ini dibiayai oleh kita, dalam gaya hidup konsumerisme yang mereka paksakan ke atas kita.

Saya bertanya kepada anda semua, dengan nama Allah. Saya bertanya pada anda semua, atas nama ribuan orang yang mati di tangan pengganas-pengganas durjana pada tahun 1948, 1967, 1973 di Qana, di Dir Yassin, di Bahr Al-Bakar semenanjung Gaza dan di Al-Quds. Saya bertanya kepada anda semua, atas nama orang yang mati syahid untuk kehormatan kita. Saya bertanya ke atas anda, atas nama seorang anak kecil bernama Muhammad Al-Durrah, yang mati syahid dalam pelukan ayahnya ditembusi peluru-peluru, dari wang yang telah kita sumbangkan kepada mereka.

Apakah akan terjadi kepada kita? Kita memiliki mata yang tidak dapat kita gunakan untuk melihat. Kita memiliki telinga, tetapi kita tidak gunakan untuk mendengar. Kita memiliki hati, tetapi tidak lagi dapat merasai dan menghayati. Mereka telah menjadikan kita sebagai pengguna-pengguna yang buta, yang rela membayar wang untuk membiayai senjata mereka, untuk mendukung aksi keganasan mereka di dunia Arab dan Islam. Boikot mereka sekarang! Atau pelung ini tidak muncul lagi selamanya! Dunia Arab dan Islam harus bersatu agar menjadi kuat. Kembali dan siapkan persenjataan kita. Kembalikanlah dan bangunkanlah ekonomi kita agar kita dapat menghancurkan mereka. Allahu Akhbar!”





I was scrolling around Sabrina Tajudin’s post on Sweet Temptation by Silkygirl – Charming Charley l Know Your Fragrance when my eyes caught on a very interesting The Color Rosette Test developed by psychologists Dr. Joachim Mensing and Christa Beck of the Research Institute for Applied Esthetics in Freiburg, West Germany.

Despite not being interested in buying any Silkygirl products in the meantime, I went ahead and did the aforementioned test anyways.

The simple rule of this test is to pick the one that firstly attracted my attention the most. But, being the difficult, ambivalent girl that I am, I went ahead and choose four of them.

Tee hee.

Below are the diagnosis from the Color Rosette Test that I took. Feel free to judge me and do the math.


The need for inner tranquility and harmony as well as the possibility of being able to develop their own individuality, characterize this user group. As a result of their psychological make-up, they tend to both relate to their environment, while simultaneously defining themselves against it. Their characteristic attitudes and behavior patterns are:

  • Pondering a great deal about themselves and others

  • Rejection of those who are merely superficial

  • They would rather stay at home than go to a boring party

  • Living alone on a deserted island for months or years on end would pose no problems for them

  • They are decisive in rejecting anything that would threaten or restrict the individuality.

  • Their desired lifestyle is individualistic and unique, and not infrequently “alternative”.

Fragrance Need : Oriental

Comment :

I don’t really know about all of the other stuffs, but the “pondering a great deal about themselves and others” part is pretty much true.

Does that make me a very serious thinker slash potential anthropologist or just one of the many daydreamers in the world out there?


As a result of their basic psychological make-up, these perfume users are highly sensitive and have finely developed feelings. Their moods are ambivalent. Day-dreams and romantic, sentimental fantasies from a firm part of their reality. The way in which they experience life manifests itself in their characteristics attitudes and behavior patterns:

  • Sometimes, they are ready to conquer the world, while on other occasions, they cannot get up the energy to do any real work.

  • They reject everything that is too sober and rational – They enjoy dreaming about things that cannot possibly even come true.

  • An aversion to having their moods and feelings restricted.

  • They enjoy cozy evening at home with lights dimmed.

  • Their desired lifestyle does not display any uniform traits.

  • Their interest in fashionable new trends is appeased by emotional ties to old artifacts that they have grown to love.

Fragrance Needs : Light-floral, usually in conjunction with various other fragrance families

Comments :

If being head over heels in love with the color pink, rose bouquets, chocolates and all things girlish are considered as romantic..

Trust me, I don’t want to be one.


The perfume users that comprise this group display a basic personality make-up that is lively, cheerful and vivacious, yet easily injured. This group reacts spontaneously and generously to its environment, as can be evidenced by its characteristic attitudes and behavior patterns:

  • They always attempt to make the best out of what life has to offer.

  • Their attitude is: We should satisfy as many desires as possible; after all, we only live once.

  • They reject people who let themselves go.

  • They can make decisions spontaneously and be enthusiastic about them.

  • Should they feel injured, they attempt to overcome the situation without brooding over the cause of it longer than is absolutely necessary.

  • Their desired lifestyle is geared toward modernality. It is characterized by spontaneous interests and impulsiveness, and sometimes “dreamy” behavior.

Fragrance Needs : Floral, floral-fruity

Comment :

I may be lively (really?), cheerful (am I?) and vivacious (seriously?), yet easily injured (so true).

But, I’m definitely not someone who can make spontaneous decisions and be enthusiastic about them as I always loathe the moment whenever Mama spontaneously decides to go to somewhere really far away from home without booking nor finding any hotel or place to stay in advance.

I love you, Mama but sometimes you’re just driving me crazy.

Besides, making spontaneous decisions will only bring more harm than good, especially when it comes to shopping.

Only Abah, Hisyam, the Bonita sales assistants and Allah know how much time I spent inspecting the sewing works and leather finishes on the bag while deciding on which color should I choose during my recent leather bag purchase.

Initially, I wanted a dark, skin-like pink leather bag as I thought that it would be so trendy to have my first leather bag in such a trendy color (did you know that nudish to skin-like pink is the new neutral color?)

However, I finally chose a dark brown Bonita leather bag after much thoughts and considerations.

Yup.. I’m pretty meticulous like that.

It’s my first leather bag *winks* and I am still in love and pretty much excited about it.

However, the “they reject people who let themselves go” part is pretty much applicable to me as I find that being emotionally attached to someone who doesn’t give a dime about me is pretty much exhausting as there are so many better and important things and people to do and care about.

It may sound self-centered but sometimes that’s just the way that life has to be.


As a result of their personality make-up, the perfume users in this group reject hectic, unsettled or dynamic life. They have a strong need for protection and security. Characteristic attitudes and behavior patterns of this group include:

  • A desire to plan carefully and on a long-range basis

  • In the event of illness, they would always have the diagnosis confirmed by a second opinion

  • A secure job that offers only average earnings is preferable to a short, yet high paying job

  • Whenever possible, they avoid conflicts

  • They enjoy having people around them who can offer them security, but without disturbing the rhythm of their own lives. Their desired lifestyle necessitates a firm financial foundation. They have strong preference for collecting valuable items.

Fragrance Needs : Floral-sweet, oriental

Comment :

This diagnosis is pretty much 100% me in 121 words (according to the Word Count, too lazy and sleepy to manually count myself).

Judging from the diagnosis above, all that I can conclude for nao is that I’m pretty much ambivalent for sure.

Emotional Love Song.


Tears seemed to be making its way down my cheeks on this very date since about three years ago and has been a staple since then.

I cried so much on my birthdays and yet birthdays are supposedly to be the most joyous day of your life, right?

To be honest, I don’t even know why I cried so much on my birthdays. Its either the hormones are playing their tricks on me or I’m just emotional like that?

Take your pick.

Maybe its just because birthdays are supposedly to serve its function as a reminder that we are somehow getting closer and closer to the arms of death year by year.

I’m just not ready for that. I mean, who is?

And yet, we should totally be grateful that we are still capable of breathing the air we breath and roaming the Earth with Allah’s permission even after so many years of living.

Because Allah is capable of giving and taking lives as He pleases, right?


Judging by the way that I write, I really think that I should totally give up my studies and write books on philosophies, human thinking or anything.

I’m just that good in this literature stuff.. why am I even stuck in this scientific rut in such a long time?

I’m just kidding.


Okay, let’s leave all of this behind and get on with the real story, shall we?

The very first person who wished my birthday well was my former boyfriend slashed current best friend which is Mohd. Shahzrin bin Samsuddin when we chatted on the phone last night. I think I nearly was on the verge of crying, trying to hold back my tears. Fortunately, I felt so tired and sleepy from doing Miza, my housemate’s make up previously.

Mission accomplished.

I woke up at 10.30 a.m. today.. not prepared of getting teary-eyed later on the evening as I was really hungry, thirsty and slightly sleepy at that moment. I ate Nasi Ayam and drank Milo for lunch. Thank you so much to my adorable juniors, Fitri Roslan, Shazrin Sukim and Hafiz, and not to forget, my lovely housemates, Diyana and her friends, Nabilah Abd. Samad, Alia Najiha and Nur Miza Kamaruzzaman for the birthday wishes. I love you all.. *kisses*#bajetartissangat!

After reading a few too much makeup reviews on the Net, I started to feel a little bit sleepy. Yup.. Milo is currently the new addition to the list of my food allergens. Before hitting the sack for the second time of the day, I decided to perform my Zuhur prayer and proceed with reading Yaasin to express my thankfulness and gratitude to Allah for allowing me to roam on His land and breath the air of His for 21 years.

When I was in the middle of reading Yaasin, a text message came in. I slowed down my reading pace a bit and flipped the phone to check out the sender of the message. Tears began streaming down my cheeks as my eyes caught the name of the sender and I proceeded with my readings in a very slow voice and pace with occasional interruptions while wiping off the tears.

This is how the message looked like :

Sender : ABah?

Recipient : Ashriana Kroes Rocha.

Message :

Happy Birthday 2U… Happy Birthday 2U… Happy Birthday 2U…semoga Allah memberikan Rahmat & KeberkatanNya kpd kakak agar sentiasa Berjaya di dunia & akhirat. Amin.

Anyhow, I just left the message at that and didn’t reply to thank him or anything. I’m very touchy-feely when it comes to the matter of love and family despite being such a heartless person that everyone knows on the outside.

As I was born at 3.23 p.m., I planned to send Mama a text to thank her for bringing me into the world 21 years ago on the very same time.

This is how the message looked like :

Sender : Ashriana Kroes Rocha

Recipient : MaMa?

Message :

Assalamualaikum, mama..

Terima kasih sebab berhempas pulas putuskan urat perut mama luar dan dalam 21 tahun yg lepas..

Sbb kalau tak, mesti mama tak dpt baca msj ni sekarang.

I love you.

And Mama replied with the message :

Waalaikumsalam kakak..kakak ni kenapa..tiba2 je ckp mcm tu..Kakak sihat ke..Xde exam ke ari ni..

I got really teared up when I first read her reply. But when I come to read what I had sent and received, I can’t help but feeling that it’s a little bit funny actually.

Because it feels like this :

Kakak ni gila ke apa?

However, the best birthday wish had to be from my sister :

Sender : MarCeL?

Recipient : Ashriana Kroes Rocha.

Message :

Happy bday to you

Happy bday to u

U live in a zoo

U look like a chicken

Aaanndd u smell like one too.

Happy 21st bday, selena gomez!!!!

From : demi lovato, leo messi, pok teh rooney and pak su van de sar.

You don’t say..

DigiCam vs DSLR.


Impian untuk memiliki sebuah digital kamera memang sudah tertanam dalam diri aku sejak semester lepas lagi.

Aku tahu. Aku menentang norma kanak-kanak Generasi Y sekarang. Serius, siapa yang tak suka DSLR? Aku masih ingat perasaan gembira dan bangga apabila Syahir benarkan aku bermain dengan DSLR nya walau sekejap semasa final project presentation TrEES kami di Subang.

Rasa macam besar je kan.. sebesar DSLR dalam tangan. Aku kira time tu DSLR fad baru je nak mula.

Lama kelamaan, aku hairan. Bosan pun ada. Pada masa sekarang, kita dapat lihat di merata tempat orang mengusung DSLR besar bagak tu ke hulu dan ke hilir. Tak berat ke DSLR tu terhayun-hayun kat leher tu, cik abang?

Karang patah tengkuk tu, takde sape nak kahwin dengan kau!

Lepas jalan beberapa lama, tiba-tiba stop kejap ambik random pictures of the surroundings. Lebih teruk lagi, ada juga yang kelihatan mengambil gambar random strangers.

I am so sorry to say this but having a DSLR doesn’t mean you can invade other people’s privacy.

Aku rasa orang lain pun akan rasa rage kalau tiba-tiba ada DSLR-ian manage to snap gambar kau tengah korek hidung atau menjeling awek sebelah sedang awek kau sendiri ada di sebelah yang lain.

Respect the privacy of the public, man?

Market value sebuah DSLR jauh lebih tinggi dari market value sebiji telur ayam. Aku kira sebuah basic DSLR mungkin akan memakan kos sebanyak RM800-RM900 ke atas.

Itu pun kalau time tu kedai-kedai kamera ni tengah mahsyuk buat sale. Dan benar, biasanya orang yang terhayun-hayun DSLR di tengkuk tu merupakan orang yang datang dari keluarga yang kaya.

Memang tak salah untuk purchase dan own sebuah DSLR. It’s a luxury, man! Tapi, korang pernah fikir tak? Dalam sibuk korang menghayun DSLR macam buai ke kiri dan ke kanan, mata-mata yang memerhati mungkin mempunyai niat yang kurang enak terhadap diri korang.

DSLR-ians are easy targets for robbers and snatch thieves. DSLR-ians juga prone untuk menarik perhatian cewek-cewek yang bermata duitan.

So, if you guys gatal sangat insist nak display DSLR tu dengan bangganya kat leher tu.. be alert dengan keadaan sekeliling dan fikirkan cara bagaimana untuk melindungi DSLR kesayangan korang daripada dirembat begitu sahaja.

Aku yakin.. mesti ramai yang akan menangis dan meratap bila DSLR kesayangan hilang. Dan mungkin kesedihannya jauh lebih dalam daripada kesedihan akibat ditinggalkan kekasih pertama.

Dalam kes cewek bermata duitan, aku tak boleh bagi komen. Sebab kalau bertepuk sebelah tangan, takkanlah berbunyi pulak kan?



Could you guess which guy would I choose to marry in the video?

A. P’trique (the main star in the campaign who is responsible for revealing Charlotte’s secret)

B. Derek Blasberg (the guy with a coffee in hand whom P’trique first called in the video)

C. the sexy, sleek guy that resembles a bit of an Italian whom P’trique first asked if he knew Charlotte Free.

I’m sorry to disappoint the macho, tough, manly and not to mention strong guys out there because my answer would be the total opposite of yours as the guy that I would most likely to marry in the video is P’trique, followed by Derek Blasberg and that guy who resembles a bit of an Italian.

My reason for picking P’trique as my number one is because he seemed to look like the total opposite of most guys out there. I mean.. who doesn’t want a man that is sensitive, funny, fashionable and has the persona of every girl’s best friend, right?

Maybe a guy like him won’t be coming in handy when it comes to situations where he needs to protect me and fend me off from the nasties of the world, but I would be a content, enough girl if the man that I love could provide me the warmth of emotional refuge whenever I need one and treat me well as he treats his fellow besties.

Not to mention, a husband that has a very good sense of fashion would be a total help during shopping trips instead of one that faithfully waits by the side and carries the bags for us, no?

However, I would totally appreciate it if my man comes in the form of the Italian-lookalike guy in the C-option of my question instead of a blonde wig with thick, long beard and moustache.


Tell me how could you not love him?

Adakah Anda Cukup Lelaki?


Baca kenyataan-kenyataan di bawah dan highlightkan mana-mana kenyataan yang anda rasa bertepatan dengan diri anda.

  1. Lelaki suka kekasih yang suka bertolak ansur.
  2. Lelaki sukakan wanita yang sederhana penampilannya.
  3. Gaya wanita timur menjadi tarikan bagi lelaki yang sukakan kesederhanaan.
  4. Ada lelaki yang mementingkan kesempurnaan dalam hidup.
  5. Lelaki cepat tewas dengan air mata wanita.
  6. Lelaki terpesona dengan wanita yang tahu menjaga maruah diri.
  7. Sifat terpuji wanita adalah sentiasa berada di sisi pasangan tidak kira masa susah mahupun senang.
  8. Ingin memiliki hatinya, kita perlu memiliki hati ibunya sekali.
  9. Lelaki juga manusia yang mempunyai hati dan perasaan.
  10. Lelaki suka wanita yang kelakar.
  11. Lelaki kagum dengan wanita yang cekal serta tidak mudah mengalah dalam situasi yang tertekan.
  12. Lelaki suka wanita yang murah hati dan baik hati.
  13. Lelaki mana yang inginkan wanita merokok?
  14. Lelaki tidak berselera dengan wanita yang bersepah biliknya dan tidak berkemas.
  15. Lelaki cepat bosan dengan sikap manja wanita yang keterlaluan.
  16. Ramai lelaki tidak suka dengan wanita yang suka mengumpat.
  17. Lelaki juga bersifat moody.
  18. Lelaki cepat tercabar apabila kemampuan dirinya diperlekehkan di khalayak ramai.
  19. Lelaki cepat menyampah dengan wanita yang suka berleter.
  20. Lelaki tidak suka disamakan dengan orang lain sebab manusia ternyata lain antara satu sama lain.
  21. Lelaki tidak suka kekasihnya bercerita perkara-perkara yang membosankan.
  22. Lelaki tidak suka kita memuji ketampanan dan kekacakan lelaki lain di hadapannya.
  23. Lelaki impikan wanita yang tahu masak serba-serbi.
  24. Lelaki inginkan wanita yang berpenampilan menarik dan sesuai dengan citarasanya.
  25. Lelaki akan meninggalkan wanita yang terlalu suka bersosial sehingga tiada lagi batasan dalam pergaulannya.
  26. Lelaki kerap kecewa dengan wanita yang sukar membuat keputusan terutamanya dalam hal berkaitan dengan hubungan cinta jangka panjang iaitu perkahwinan.
  27. Lelaki tidak suka dipaksa.
  28. Lelaki berahsia dengan lelaki lain. Sukar berkongsi masalah, harapan dan masalah peribadi.
  29. Lelaki pentingkan kejujuran.
  30. Lelaki tidak suka dikritik.
  31. Lelaki akan menjadi sahabat kita paling baik jika kita menjadikan dia sahabat paling baik.

Jumlah Kenyataan Yang Dipersetujui   x 100% : Formula Kelelakian.

Jumlah Kenyataan Di Atas

Nilai Kelelakian Saya.

20   x 100% : 64.5%


Adakah Anda Cukup Wanita?


Baca kenyataan-kenyataan di bawah dan hightlightkan mana-mana kenyataan yang anda rasa bertepatan dengan diri anda.

  1. Wanita kadang-kadang terlalu mementingkan penampilan sehingga kadang-kadang menyebabkan mereka tidak yakin dengan diri sendiri.
  2. Wanita pandai berhias bagi menawan hati lelaki. Dengan kecantikan, wanita mampu menjadikan lelaki tergila-gilakannya.
  3. Wanita suka apabila teman lelakinya sentiasa ingat hari-hari penting.
  4. Air mata perempuan memiliki kuasa sakti yang luar biasa dan ia digunakan bagi menagih rasa belas ihsan sama ada semasa ditimpa kesusahan ataupun meminta sesuatu yang susah didapati.
  5. Wanita sukakan lelaki yang romantik dan sentiasa ingat semasa bersamanya ataupun berjauhan.
  6. Wanita suka apabila kita selalu memasukkan dia dalam perbualan bersama rakan-rakan kita.
  7. Wanita suka apabila kita menghargai setiap tindakannya dan mengucapkan terima kasih di atas pertolongan yang diberikan.
  8. Wanita tidak sah jadi wanita apabila dia tidak pandai merajuk.
  9. Wanita tidak suka apabila kekasihnya keluar makan dengan perempuan lain walaupun mereka itu rakan sepejabat.
  10. Wanita tidak suka apabila kita asyik mengarahnya seperti hamba.
  11. Wanita memang mudah kecil hati. Jika kita sering membuat dia kecil hati, lama-kelamaan wanita boleh hilang hatinya.
  12. Wanita begitu sibuk pada bulan Ramadhan. Mereka juga mengurangkan bercakap semasa berpuasa tetapi menambah kekerapan membeli belah.
  13. Wanita tidak suka kita bercerita perkara yang tidak diketahuinya kerana mereka rasa mereka kurang berpengetahuan.
  14. Lelaki perlu tahu saiz pakaian dan kasut yang dipakai oleh pasangan anda dan barangan yang disukainya.
  15. Wanita kuat cemburu kerana ingin mempertahankan harga diri dan kepentingan peribadi.
  16. Wanita kaum yang sensitif. Hati-hati semasa bercakap dengannya.
  17. Wanita sering memikirkan kecantikan diri dan kehodohannya, suka bercermin, menaruh angan-angan bakal suaminya dan suka mengawal lelaki.
  18. Wanita suka membaca cerpen dan novel yang berkaitan dengan cinta.
  19. Wanita bersifat sentimental.
  20. Wanita cepat jemu. Jadi dia suka berjalan-jalan dan mencari hiburan.
  21. Apabila kita nampak dia penat, tolong dia sedikit sebanyak.
  22. Biarkan dia bercakap sehingga dia puas dan berhenti sendiri.
  23. Sentiasa pandang wajah pasangan semasa bercakap kepadanya.
  24. Jangan lupa beli hadiah hari lahir dan ulang tahun perkenalan.
  25. Pujilah wanita pada masa-masa yang dirasakan perlu.
  26. Lelaki perlu tahu hobi dan makanan kesukaan kekasihnya.
  27. Apabila wanita bersedih, lelaki perlu mendengar luahannya dan jadilah pendengar yang setia.
  28. Cermin adalah teman sejati wanita.
  29. Sekali pandang, gincu yang dipakai wanita sama sahaja warna merah; tapi dua kali pandang, warna itu sebenarnya tidak sama; ada merah hati, merah sirap, merah ros, merah darah dan merah jambu.

Jumlah Kenyataan Yang Dipersetujui.     x     100%  : Formula Kewanitaan.

Jumlah Kenyataan Di Atas

Nilai Kewanitaan Saya.

11   x 100% : 37.9%.




Being an active and dedicated writer is ain’t easy, especially if you are a final year student who is struggling to keep up with approximately four tests, six lab reports and six assignments which is all set to due on next week.

To give you guys a little bit of an insight on my life as a final year student right now, this is pretty much how my time table looks like for this semester.

hate it or love it?

Its pretty much a lie if I claimed that we didn’t have any free times at all. Free time are still available, but only for a limited amount of period.

But no thanks to my very hectic life schedule, I always felt that I have none of it, considering the fact that I would use up most of my free time tending to my sick self and trying to have more rests.

I’m pretty much sick because of the flu most of the time which may be due to the fact that I’m not always having enough rests and slept well. I gotta admit that having frequent running nose and mucous pouring down your throat most of the time while being busy running errands all the time is not a very nice situation and feeling to deal with, especially during this fasting month of Ramadhan.

So nao, lets stop with the self-pity session and get on with the real programme, shall we?

This time around, the central idea of this blog post is supposedly to inform my readers and faithful friends that have been faithfully following the progress of this blog that I have been thinking of exporting and even start putting up picture-heavy posts on my Tumblr account instead of here.

Its not that I’m shutting down this beloved account of mine or whatsoever because I love this current account so effing much!! may be the most influential and popular platform in the world of blogging but has my vote has down for its clean, sleek, simple and yet sophisticated outlook and layouts. Not to mention the efficient functionality of that allows you to access many useful widgets and functions only at one place such as Akismet Widget, Meebo Chatbox, blog stats and Flickr, cutting down the hassle to search for them everywhere across the Net and having to repeatedly sign up in order to access, use and set up these widgets on your blog.

The one thing that puts the damp in my passion for this platform is the limited capacity of the media storage provided which is 3.0 GB which I used extensively to store documents, pictures, pictures and other media forms in my account.

Previously, I stored so many media files that it took up more than 80% of the media storage capacity, forcing me to go through all of my posts and media files which eventually leads to some less important and even unused media files to be limited.

My media storage may contain about 20% more free spaces capacity but I’m certainly not happy with the fact that I have to let go of some of the files in the process. Well, life must go on, no? will always be my primary blog no matter what, but you are welcomed to roam and visit my account for more picture-heavy updates from time to time.

Day 11.


During the past few years, the popularity of beauty blogs have been on the rise for the simple reason that consumers nowadays have become very wise and particular in terms of spending their hard-earned money especially on beauty products as most products didn’t really deliver what they are expected of.

As to avoid the fruitless scenario, many would resort to reading reviews about the product of their choice on the Net before purchasing the items.

The trust put on the bloggers by the general population is so enormous that beauty companies start to notice how these independent reviews had an impact on their sales and start sending their own products to be reviewed.

Pretty cool, no? The thought of being a beauty blogger has occurred to me many times, but after having many second thoughts about it, I think that I’m really not that fit to be a beauty blogger just yet.

Being a beauty blogger requires you to invest a serious amount of money on beauty products if you’re not a well-known enough for beauty companies to send their products in for you.

Plus, beauty bloggers need to keep themselves presentable and up-to-date with all the trends in the fashion scene in order to attract people into reading their reviews.

Which will pretty much explain why I should not be a beauty blogger as I am just a broke and hopeless piece of make-up junkie with shitty sense of style.

I also sucked in specializing, so my blog would be better off having lots of random stuffs rather than make-ups alone in it.

Oh, well. Lets put these random blabbing behind and get with the real programme nao, shall we?

strawberry chips.

  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 077 Asia

This one has been my favourite go-to lipstick as the colour looks pretty much natural and really awesome despite its slightly purplish tone.

  • L’oreal Renewal Lash Serum

I’ve been using this as a substitute to normal mascara as mascaras are pretty hard to remove whenever I wanted to perform ablutions.

I also use this serum for its obvious purpose which is to fix my short and sparse left eye lashes.

  • Bio-Oil

This particular oil was purchased with the initial intent of fixing the bad skin conditions of my hand.

But nao, I’ve been using that oil to improve the skin on my face texture by applying it at night before hitting the sleep button.

  • Estee Lauder Pure Colour Gloss in 11 Passion Fruit

I’m not a big fan of glosses but this one was a token of appreciation from Mak Ja for taking care of her kids while she and Cik Amin was away.

The gloss makes my lips looking smooth as if it was made of patent leather and the colour is pretty much gorgeous.

However, I only use it for events and special purposes as the shine properties of glosses tend to make my face looking oily and exaggerates my already full lips in a bad way.

  • Silkygirl Duo Eye Shadow in 17 Flushed Maple

The colors of dusty pink and bronzy brown on the pallete do not only look really natural when worn on their own but also provides a smoky metallic color when blended together.

  • Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara

The respective mascara is only to be worn during events and special occasions as the job of removing it later on could be a really fussy one.

  • In2it Eye Shadow Pen in EPD 01 Silhouette

The pen consist of shimmery colors of champagne and grayish brown. I used the champagne color a lot more than its counterpart as a highlighter to open up my eyes.

  • Silkygirl Moisture Rich Lipstick in 12 Naughty

The red pretty much resembles my original lip color if they were red in the first place.

  • Safi Facial Moisturizer

Its pretty much the conventional local-fashioned formulation which would make my skin feeling oily. This is basically the first thing that went on my face after shower and pre-makeup as the skin would take a longer time to absorb Bio-Oil compared to this moisturizer.

  • Mentholatum Waterlip Balm

The lipbalm formulation does not leave a thick, heavy feeling on the lips which is a plus factor for me.

I would usually use this balm to help create a light stain on the lips using a dark-coloured lipstick or simply just to keep chaps at bay after exfoliations.

  • Bio-Essence Aqua BB Cream

This cream is my favourite pick among the others as it can be used as a basic, sheer tinted moisturizer whenever I felt lazy to put on an elaborate makeup.

It also acts as a great base that preps the skin before doing my makeup routine.

Its pretty much undeniable that the collection will grow from time to time despite my attempts to reduce spending in this particular area.

But for nao, that’s pretty much it.